Mobile Commerce (also known as M-Commerce, mCommerce or U-Commerce, owing to the ubiquitous nature of its services) is the ability to conduct commerce, using a mobile device e.g. a mobile phone ( or cell phone), a PDA, a Smartphone while on the move, and other emerging mobile equipment, like dash-top mobile devices.

"Mobile Commerce is any transaction, involving the transfer of ownership or rights to use goods and services, which is initiated and/or completed by using mobile access to computer-mediated networks with the help of an electronic device."

Products and services via M-Commerce available:

  1. Mobile Ticketing.
  2. Mobile Vouchers, Coupons and Loyalty Cards.
  3. Content Purchase and Delivery.
  4. Location-Based Services.
  5. Information Services.
  6. Mobile Banking.
  7. Mobile Brokerage.
  8. Auctions.
  9. Mobile Purchase.
  10. Mobile Marketing and Advertising.